Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Custom Knitting Prices...

I am SO sorry that this has taken forever to get out to you!
IF I had done the item I will post a picture of it. IF I haven't done it...I will be doing it SOON So I will be putting a picture up as soon as it's done. :)
The yarn used is good quality 100% wool or alpaca or a blend of the two. All natural fibers UNLESS you want other wise just e-mail me and let me know.
Square Baby Hat -- $15.00Cable Hat -- $25.00The MAN Hat -- $20.00 (Custom team colors $30.00)
Button Flap Hat --$22.00Basic Hat --$20.00Latiss Hat -- $25.00Hat & Bootie Set for Babies --$30.00
Hat & Mitten (Thumbless) Set for Children & Babies -- $35.00
Hat & Mitten Set for Adults -- $40.00
For Flower attachment -- $5.00
For a color change (not in the yarn but a different color) -- $5.00 extra
I will be adding very soon...
Drop Down Scarf
Baby Blanket
Knitted Bag

Shipping costs:
Local to the Des Moines Area...FREE!
Depends on how much items we have to ship to you BUT.
$5.00 should roughly cover it. We will let you know if we have to do a different size and if the price will be higher.

**All prices pending cost of yarn. We will notify you of pricing change prior to finalization of purchase.**

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