Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Personalized Poetry

One of the great joys I've found in writing poetry and short stories is to help others with putting thoughts and images into a written word. If you would like a piece of poetry or a short story written for yourself, a loved one, or any other special recipient I would be happy to work with you. In the past I have written pieces based off of a certain thought, picture, bible verse, or sermon topic. At the bottom of this post I've included links to some writing samples for you to look over. So here's the basics:

  • 1 page Personalized Poem = $15.00

  • Personalized Poem imposed on purchaser's image = $20.00

  • Personalized Poem imposed on Crafted Together's image = $25.00

  • Personalized Short Story (up to 1000 words) = $25.00

  • Agreement to not copy, distribute, or publish the writing without the signed, written consent of the author.

  • Purchase price paid up-front with 2 revisions included.
  • Revisions based on feedback of purchaser.

    To order a personalized poem or short story, or to ask any questions please email me at with your questions or the details of what you would like written along with a deadline of when you need it completed. I will reply with initial thoughts and payment instructions. Once I take on the project I promise to complete the piece with enough time to allow for revisions. Now here's some samples I hope you enjoy!

  • A piece entitled 'True Beauty' written for a friend struggling with self-image.

  • A piece entitled 'Young Woman Seeking' written for a friend wanting to reconcile with her mother before her wedding.

  • 'Haight & Ashbury Revisited' written based on an experience riding a cable car with some truly unique individuals in the district of San Francisco where the Hippie movement was born.

  • 'Rain, Wind, Soul' written at a pastor's request to serve as a sermon illustration for Acts 27:22.
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