Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visions of God - Rick's 2005 book of poetry

Back in 2004 I went through the difficult experience of divorce from my first wife. I was confronted with the mistakes that I made maritally, spiritually, and internally. During this time I returned to writing poetry, an outlet that was given up during the first marriage. At the encouragement of friends I compiled the pieces into a book of poetry entitled, 'Visions of God; Expressions of a Modern Prodigal'. The thoughts shared in this book are relevant to any person, male or female going through some life challenges, but especially for men struggling with divorce or marital challenges. Sections focus on the feeling of brokenness, healing, maturing, & reconnecting with God, and regaining the ability to love and trust in women.

'Visions of God' is available online for $14.95 through the publisher's website, as well as and We recommend using the publisher's website to purchase this book:

Thank you so much for considering purchasing this book! It is our sincere hope and prayer that you can find the message, comfort, and healing God has for you in the book, or even just the words you weren't able to find to express what was on your heart. God Bless!
~ Rick

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