Friday, June 18, 2010

The Reversible Man Beanie

I just finished The Reversible Man Beanie (or the Botanic Hat). This pattern, will not be put on here, but you can check out HERE for the creator of the pattern and more from Stephen West. I truly LOVE this pattern and can imagine guys wearing this beaning in their favorite sports team colors. :)
I will work with you on the colors so please contact me TODAY to put in your order! While it is a warmer summer I would rather have something small to knit with (and a hat is just that) this also took me less than a week to finish...although seeing that my husband didn't pay me (as you will) it will get done (most likely) sooner than that! :)
I made this hat with 100% Peruvian Highland Wool from Berroco. But can use other types of fiber as well. This hat can also be made 3 different ways...
The cost of this Beanie is $30 without shipping. (and you need to tell me 2 colors that you want this hat to be!) So CONTACT me TODAY!!!
Hat #1 - Standard (which is the one I knit for Rick)
Hat #2 - Folded Brim (which is 3 inches longer so you can fold the brim)
Hat #3 - Short version (which is a half of inch smaller from brim to top)
Here are the pictures of the Reversible Man Beanie (as I like to call it!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pumpkin Hat & Bootie Set

So I'm going to add this to the list of things to sell...It will be mainly the colors of it. I can't get any more of the same colorway because it is discontinued. But I will be able to do the orange and the brown.
Here are some pictures of them...Seeing that they are a baby hat & bootie set that would be $30 and then it changes color that would add $5 so the total (without shipping would be $35)
I can also make little Apples and possibly any other fruit or veggie you can think of and it would still look good (instead of pumpkins) just drop an e-mail and we can talk about it!
Thanks! Hope you all had a great weekend!