Saturday, December 19, 2009

And so it begins...

Crafted Together...that is.
Over 4 years ago Rick & I were matched on this site . (Just a plug for how great it is...if you are single and ready to meet that person and the people that you know are just not that person TRY it!) We were matched because of our strengths and weaknesses that we had. It has truly been a wild yet fun ride. Since we have gotten married; Rick has graduated with his undergrad & got into Des Moines University, I have moved more times then I care to admit to and together we have a wonderful 16 month old (by the time I am done with this post he will be that old).
We decided that we really wanted people to have a way to get unique items for yourself or to give as gifts. In the next little bit you will see multiple post with pictures about what kind of things we will be selling.
For instance...I was Created to Create. I love to Create different things...such as knitting (hats, bags, mittens, little flowers, baby blankets, etc.) looking through a camera lens (meaning I love to take pictures...nature, people, animals, etc.) paper (making cards) fabric (doing ribbon boards for photos & notes) & I dabble in some other various crafts...
Rick (when he is not being an excellent husband, father, medical student, etc) he writes poetry from different inspirations (such as from photos, from people, from a Bible verse, etc.) Let's just say that when we were not yet married...I got TONS of different poems and such. He also dabbles in photography.
We like to combine our handiwork and do something we call Poetic Images...where we take a poem of Rick's and Rick places it on a photo that I have taken. It is GREAT!
So this is our new project, in the next little bit of time (maybe days) you will see new post with pictures of the items (please do not reuse the item unless you have permission), we also love to do custom work...meaning a specific colorway (for knitting, ribbon boards, etc.) Poetry writings or Poetic Images. (Also if you are local and you would like to do a photography session we could arrange that as well.) Please contact us via e-mail ( or leaving us a comment with a way to get back to you.

Thanks so much!

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