Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Young Woman Seeking - by Rick Rapp

Young Woman Seeking

© 2006 Rick Rapp

A young woman walks along
a path through meadows and
trees speaking to her in images
and voices that are her life,
her friends, her loved ones.

Onward she walks towards independence
that is not so independent from the God
who guides her, nor the love for
and from the man who is waiting
around a bend not too far ahead.

Despite her hope, her confident pace,
one notices in her a longing for
a certain companion who is familiar
with this path so unfamiliar to her,
this path wide enough for two.

For as this young woman presses on
towards a faithful, spiritual, and romantic
future...husband...home...and children
she longs for her mother to be
by her side, loving her, listening to her.

She longs for the intimacy of a mother
who recognizes the woman her daughter
has become, and cherishes the time
spent together in friendship unique
to the mother and daughter bond.

The young woman prays as she walks
and the familiar voices around her
echo her words...”Oh Father, please
give this woman the mother she needs,
and the patience for your will, your time!”

And tears of frustration give way to those
of peace as a God-given smile crosses
her face...

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